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quote hard to come by for mr. romney. >> the next president of the united states, rick santorum. but rick santorum responded with three victories courtesy of a blue-collar voters and evangelical christians. >> we have ruwon races all over
a potentially decisive moment in the race to challenge barack obama. mitt romney and rick santorum are locked in a tight battle for the key state of ohio. >> what a great night. there are three states under our belt, and counting. >> we have one in the west, midwest, and the south. we're ready to land across this country. -- win across this country. >> britain's ambassador to damascus says president bashar al-assad could be forced out by the end of the year. it is 11:00 in washington. >> it is 4:00 in london, broadcasting to viewers on pbs in america and around the world. >> the biggest died so far in the contest to become the republican candidate to run against barack obama in the u.s. presidential election in november. boats are being cast in 10 states, the -- votes are being cast in 10 states, but the big prize is the state of ohio. exit polls suggest the front- runner in the race, mitt romney, has won three states. rick santorum has also won three. the contest is to be extremely close in ohio. no republican candidate has ever become president without winning there. mitt romney has won the
their vehicle exploded in helmand province. a super tuesday for mitt romney as he wins the key republican primary in ohio and five other states. >> our campaign is on the move and real change is finally on the way. >> unions in south africa planned protest marches against planned road tolls. welcome to bbc news. after 20 years of economic stagnation in japan, we hear the voice of a lost generation of 20-year-old who have never known secure work. six british soldiers are missing in afghanistan believed killed. it happened in the south of the country. there was an explosion near an armored vehicle on tuesday. the families have been informed. it brings the total number of british soldiers killed to more than 400. we will show you pictures of those soldiers in a moment. first, our defense correspondents has details on this new attack from the ministry of defense in central london. >> there's still some confusion as to what exactly happened. at is in part because we understand this warrior vehicle, the six soldiers were travelling in near highway 1 near candy kandahar, they have not been able
to gmt. also coming up in the program, mitt romney takes super tuesday. as syrian's humanitarian crisis continues, the un special envoy continues in damascus. it is midday here in london. 7:00 a.m. in boston. mid afternoon in afghanistan were six british soldiers are missing, believed killed in the worst enemy attack on british forces since operation began in 2001. the troops were on patrol when their armored vehicle was hit by an explosion. their debt will bring the total number from the british military killed two more than 400. this report. >> since 2001, british troops have been sent to serve afghanistan to rid the state of those in al qaeda and to provide stability. in that time, members of the army, the world marines, and special forces have all lost their lives. and now, the army has announced that number includes five soldiers and one from the first battalion. this was the reaction from a former commander of british forces in afghanistan. >> clearly, it was a very significant explosion which managed to, as we understand it, killed six soldiers in an armored vehicle, which is a v
house. mitt romney's breaks free of the pack. benjamin netanyahu is warning iran, saying that u.s.-led diplomatic efforts have failed to stop the country opposing nuclear program and israel will not wait much longer. it's midday in london, 8:00 p.m. in hong kong, 2:00 in the afternoon in syria. the most deadly battle there and now the focus of a diplomatic efforts for a humanitarian operation. a chinese envoy arrived on tuesday followed by if you and representatives later in the week. state television has been showing pictures of the government efforts showing bulldozers moving in to clear up after four weeks of shelling in homs. activists say they are clearing away evidence of atrocities. >> the cleanup operation is underway. syrian state television said things were returning to normal? as the bulldozers moved in to clear rubble left by weeks of bombardment. the international red cross has been prevented since friday from getting in on the grounds that is t dangerouso. o some families have begun returning to the battered district. some fled months ago and others more recently a
primary stay as the keanltsdz vie for the 54 delegates in illinois. it's reported that mitt romney has won over his rival rick santorum. the win would give romney's campaign much-needed momentum. romney has 56% of the vote compared to 27% for rick santorum so far. and we will hopefully bring you the victory speech as soon as we get confirmation of that from illinois by mitt romney. stay with us for that to a story that's dominated the headlines in the united states. >> that's right. in florida, the shooting of a black teenager by a neighborhood watch volunteer in orlando as reunion nighted debates about race and self-defense in the u.s. the department of justice has announced an investigation after rallies were held demanding the arrest of george zimmerman over the shooting. our north american editor reports. >> with mounting outrage in florida that an unarmed black teenager has been shot dead and the man who did it hasn't been arrested. for some, it's a clear case of racism by the police. >> the man packs a gun, chasing a black man, gets in an argument and shoots him to death. how can you
, but the momentum appears to be with mitt romney. if you look at delegates, even if he were to win all the votes up for grabs, it would still not give him the nomination. but it would make him look unstoppable. the question is whether or not either of his key rivals, newt gingrich or rick santorum, would see it that way. it is also a question not just about ohio, but whether mitt romney is capable of attracting a significant number of delegates across the nation. >> this is the wildest of primary races i think i have ever seen. what are the people in ohio telling you they are looking for in their candidate? >> the economy remains front and center as the key issue. they are looking for someone who can credibly deal with the economy to create jobs. ohio, like many other key swing states has suffered more than the rest of the country. although the trajectory would indicate that it is recovering at a faster pace. in terms of the arguments being made by mitt romney and rick santorum, mitt romney was trying to present himself as a man of the people, the man who could feel the pain of the workers that hav
was not far worse. bbc news, mexico city. >> u.s. presidential hopeful mitt romney has won an easy victory in illinois, the latest date to choose a republican candidate to stand against barack obama in november. it extends his lead over his rivals in the state-by-state battle. mr. romney's closest rival is social conservative rick santorum, trailing in second place. he spoke to supporters in illinois. he drew upon his experiences as a businessman and attacked president obama's economic policies. >> each step of the way, i learn a little more about what it is that makes our american system so powerful. you cannot learn that teaching constitutional law at the university of chicago. all right? [cheers and applause] you cannot even learn that as a community organizer. [laughter] the simple truth is that this president does not understand the genius of america's economy, or the secret of the american economic success story. >> mitt romney. a story that is dominating the headlines in the united states, what is this all about? >> well, it is in florida. it was the shooting of a black teenager by
this trip, he has snubs the republicans, particularly mitt romney. it is very short-term strategy of exploiting his relationship with president obama. if mitt romney wins, it's -- he will have to do some fancy footwork. to get back onside would someone who illogically -- ideologically, he would be in constant with. >> campaigners around the world will mark one year of violence and syria by calling on russia to back of the security council action to end the crisis. the coalition of 200 ngos are demanding the security council immediately unite. the american syria public affairs committee says a solution is not enough. >> all the crimes and off again -- and massacres and -- anybody who has in the shade of humanity left should have no problem issuing a resolution to condemn bashar al-assad. a resolution is not gone to do much. he will not be stopped by a resolution. he needs actions. >> what kind of actions do you mean? are you talking about something more in the lines of what we saw in libya? >> absolutely. why has the world waited more than a year to do something practical? in the c
is not meeting mitt romney or any others. >> thank you very much for that. steve kingston. staying with the race to the white house for the candidates there, as steve just mentioned, polls have closed in alabama and mississippi in the latest round of those primaries. the latest exit polls show that it's a tight race in both states. mitt romney is said to be doing better than expected in the southern states. rick santorum's campaign strategy is expected to be working. former speaker of the house representative newt gingrich, he is not expected to do as well. also taking place in hawaii as well as american samoa. we'll bring you the latest on those results, so stay with us for that. rebecca brooks, the former chief executive of news international, has been arrested for a second time by police investigating phone hacking. she's been released on bail along with her husband, who was also among the six detained on tuesday morning on suspicion of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice. june kenny has more details. for years, rebecca brooks was the most powerful woman in british newspapers. she wen
. cameron is not meeting mitt romney or any of the other contenders. >> the vote had been counted in the u.s. states of alabama and mississippi. in the latest round of u.s. republican primaries, it was a tight race. in the end, rick santorum's campaign strategy work. the former speaker of the house and represented his, newt gingrich, took second place in alabama and mississippi. it was a disappointing night for the front runner, mitt romney, who came in third. ron paul came in fourth with just 5% of the vote in alabama and for% in mississippi. -- 4% in mississippi. china's annual national people's congress is trying to close in beijing. the fate of the economy has dominated the meeting. this is the scene at life with the premiere -- the scene live there with the premiere. economists have caught -- have formed the fundamental reforms are vital if china wants to avoid serious economic problems. there he is closing this session and speaking, of course, to the members of the congress that had gathered there in beijing. martin, lowering the country's growth target is what the premier spoke abou
the republicans, particularly mitt romney who will certainly be the republican nominee and quite applauseably could be the next president. it's very short term of cameron's strategy of exploiting his relationship with president obama because if mitt romney wins, it's going -- he's going to have to do some fancy footwork, cameron is, to sort of get back on side with someone ideologically you would assume would be in concert with and his party and the republican party in the states has very long historical sides. >> from a p.r. perspective, it's been an incredible, really good visit. >> big success. i think politically for cameron, short-term gain. in terms of diplomacy with america, whether there will be medium to long-term pain. >> very good to talk to you to share those thoughts with you on what has been a successful visit so far. thank you very much. now campaigners around the world will on thursday mark one year of violence in syria by calling on russia to back united nations security council action to end the crisis. a coalition of 200 n.g.o.'s are demanding the u.n. security council imme
of the capital of damascus were shelled by government tanks. jeb bush has endorsed mitt romney to be the republican nominee for president. he said he is the best choice to unseat president obama. thousands of mourners have been attending a memorial service in belgium for some of the victims of last week's bus crash in switzerland. 22 children and six adults died when that coach crashed in a road tunnel while the group was returning to belgium from a skiing holiday. 17 of the victims came from one village, where the ceremony took place. now perhaps in a relationship has been more fraught lately than that between the u.s. and afghanistan. today u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton met with the afghan prime minister and reaffirmed the goal of turning over security to afghan forces by 2014. but they said a strategic partnership agreements should be signed either before or at the chicago nato meeting in may. joining me is the author of the new book "pakistan on the brink." thank you very much indeed for joining us. from the outside, it looks as though relations between the u.s. a
romney. his father and brother are both former presidents and is regarded an influential figure in the republican party. to catch up on sports. >> hello. six months after he was pulled by his manager he has no future in manchester, the argentine striker has reappeared in the premier league. they came from behind to beat chelsea two-one at home. they are just a point behind manchester united. chelsea have the lead. sergio had a 78 minute penalty. eight minutes later, they had the winner. he said he will have an important part to play in the championship. >> he is not 100%. but he knows football very well. he knows where he should take more and did a fantastic job. >> his confirmation of the results. arsenal has moved up 2 1/3. -- to third. a header rescued them at home. liverpool's hopes of qualifying have taken another knock. wandered of lead -- they squandered a lead. that is it from me for now. >> in belgium, the country continues to grieve for following the crash which killed 22 children and six adults. this is the scene live. a public ceremony is held. the belgian king atten
campaign is well under way. the issue of iran has high stakes. mitt romney has sounded more bullish about taking military action. >> our north america editor says that despite the sanctions, some countries are finding ways around them. >> it is a fairly significant tightening of the screw. it means that if a country or a company attempts to buy oil from the iranian central bank, which is where you buy iranian oil, they will get cut off completely from the u.s. banking system. at least in theory. but there is a problem with it, i think. the president only made this decision, which he only lasted -- which he only left for six months, by saying that there is enough that we can go ahead with this without causing oil to spike in price. and he also has to give exemptions to countries like japan, allies who are doing enough to cut back on the amount of oil being consumed by iran -- from iran. which has a lot about how much the world depends on it. although it is a tightening of sanctions, it shows how hard it is for them to bite. >> the spanish government is slashing spending to reduce deficits
. there was a neighborhood toured which had a month--long assault. the u.s. republican hopeful, mitt romney says that russia is the number one geopolitical foe of the united states. these words come after president obama was overheard telling russian's president medvedev that election politics are stopping the talks over disputes over missile defense. the china post-reports moves about private aviation in the country. the fcmp says the number of private jets being flown in the mainland nearly doubled in the last year and demand is still growing. that's a quick look at the headlines in the world. >> this is "newsday" on the bbc. >> the headlines for you this hour. washington has warned syrian's president that he'll be judged by his actions, not words. assad accepted a u.n.-sponsored peace plan. >> an independent report into last year's riots in england has blamed poor parenting, low economic achievement and materialism. earlier this month one of china's top leaders was sacked in what is the country's biggest political scandal in years. he had been seen as the candidate for a top position within the communist
up on comments by u.s. republican presidential hopeful mitt romney that russia is the number one geopolitical foe of the united states. his words, after president obama was overheard telling president medvedev that -- cutting red tape, at the takeoff leads the south china morning post. the reports on news by the chinese government to bolster private aviation in the country. the number of private jets being flown in the mainland nearly doubled in the last year and demand is still growing. >> this is "newsday." >> washington has warned syria's present that lee be judged by his actions, not birds bashar al-assad accepted a u.n.-sponsored peace plan. >> one of china's top leaders was sacked in one of the country's biggest political scandals in years. he had been seen as a candidate for a top position within the communist party. the scandal took a new twist earlier this week. >> he is known -- is known for -- much is obscured from view. built on the banks of the river, it is a place where it is easy to lose your bearings. on the streets, normal daily life continues. in the corridors o
, it's mitt romney who has won in the state of illinois. now, he's extended his lead in that race for the u.s. presidency challenge after winning the most support there. his closest rival, rick santorum, came in second. >> each step. way, i learned more about what it is that makes our american system so powerful. you can't learn that teaching constitutional law at university of chicago, all right? you can't even learn that as a community organizer. the simple truth is that this president doesn't understand the genius of america's economy or the secret of the american economics success story. >> now, let's get a round of some other stories. a libyan government minister claims that colonel gaddafi's intelligence chief is going to be extradited. the announcement came from libya's deputy prime minister, but authorities do say no decision on extradition has been made yet. he was the man was arrested last week. he's wanted for alleged crimes against humanity during the course of last year's uprising. a car bomb has exploded in the somali capital of mogadishu. witnesses hearing busts of
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